There's one more thing you can do to help the Sheldon horses

Thanks for acting today on behalf of the wild horses in Stan Palmer's care. 

Please help us to keep the pressure on by posting a message on Facebook to Senators Barbara Boxer and Robert Wicker, who are powerful players on the Environment and Public Works Committee, which has oversight over the federal government agency responsible for this mess.

1. Please copy this message:

In recognition of the National Day of the Horse, I am calling on you to demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service be called to task for the unconscionable treatment of the historic wild horses of the Sheldon Refuge. I object to my tax dollars being used to pay for the dumping of wild horses to slaughter middleman Stan Palmer. Please, demand a full accounting of the well being and current whereabouts of every one of the 238 wild Sheldon horses sent to Palmer in 2013.

2. Click to open Sen. Barbara Boxer and Robert Wicker's Facebook Pages.

3. Paste the message in the comments section of both pages and hit "post."

Thank you for posting this message on Facebook to Senators Boxer and Wicker. We're now one voice closer to shutting this backdoor slaughter program down!