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Thank you for sending an email to Whole Foods Market encouraging the company to include the protection of wild horses and burros as a part of their standards for sourcing meat products.

Please take a minute to call Whole Foods Market's corporate office and leave a messageat 512-477-4455 and press 0 for operator, or call 512-542-0878 to leave a customer service message. Urge Whole Foods to: 

Please adopt mustang and burro safe policies by stopping the sale of meat sourced from animals who have grazed on public lands designated as wild horse and burro habitat (known as Herd Management Areas or HMAs).  America's wild horses and burros are being rounded up on our public lands to make room for commercial livestock grazing. Whole Foods currently sells meat from Country Natural Beef in Oregon. Members of Country Natural Beef graze cows on wild horse habitat in Oregon and are behind massive roundups occurring in that state.  Please adopt a Mustang and Burro Save  Meat Policy by prohibiting the sale of meat from animals raised on public lands where wild horses and burros live.

Please be sure to let them know if you are Whole Foods customer!

Thank you for taking action to Keep Wild Horses & Burros Wild.

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