Tell the USDA: Confiscate all unbranded wild horses before the Fallon Slaughter Auction

Yearling awaits fate at Fallon Slaughter Auction

This yearling, which appears to be unbranded, could be sold to kill buyers tomorrow unless the Obama Administration -- through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) -- follows through on its stated opposition to horse slaughter and acts on its legal obligations to save him and other federally-protected wild horses awaiting their fate at the Fallon, Nevada slaughter auction.

Time is running out. The auction takes place in just 24 hours. Read more about this situation and act below. 

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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
Hey Secretary Vilsack and U.S. Department of Agriculture, step in to halt the sale of ALL unbranded horses before the #FallonSlaughter auction tomorrow! Many of these horses have been captured off federal lands. Not only do you have a legal obligation to ensure that no wild horses go to slaughter, but you yourself have said that you're opposed to horse slaughter.
The Obama Administration's Stealth Horse Slaughter Program
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