Tell Trump Administration: Please Fix This!

America's wild horses and burros are protected by an Act of Congress as "living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West." But the federal government treats them like pests, hunting them down with helicopters and removing thousands each year from our public lands, wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in the process. 

Federal mismanagement is endangering the future of our nation's wild horse and burro herds on our Western public lands. Tens of thousands of these animals are in danger of being killed or sold for slaughter. 

President Donald Trump and his administration have the power to stop this cruel treatment and implement humane, effective as well as cost-effective, and scientifically recommended management methods.

Please tell President Trump: America can't be great if our national symbols of freedom are mistreated in this manner. Let them know that Americans want our wild horses and burros to be protected and humanely treated on the range, not rounded up and slaughtered. 

The future of our wild herds is at stake, so please sign and SHARE today... The more signatures we collect the bigger impact our collective voices will have!

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14244 3.3 years ago Marcy Janko PLYMOUTH, MI Please save the wild horses....they are NOT a food source.
14243 3.3 years ago Lisa Klute Winter Park, FL
14242 3.3 years ago Patrice Johnson Lubbock, TX Please stop the horrific round up of our Wild Horses and colts who often are injured in the round ups and have to be euthanized. Please keep them on their home range and have birth control methods e...
14241 3.3 years ago Julie Martin Frederic, WI
14240 3.3 years ago Lorene Mills Santa Fe, NM
14239 3.3 years ago Amanda Nottingham Columbus , OH
14238 3.3 years ago Amy Nottingham-Johnson Urbana , OH
14237 3.3 years ago john schulman clearwater, FL Watch the documentary film "COWSPIRACY" on NETFLIX to see how the beef/cattle industry is destroying our water supply, polluting our water systems, destroying America's health, now it's endangerin...
14236 3.3 years ago Jennifer Kocyan McKinney, TX Please stop the slaughtering of wild horses. It saddens me that this administration has allowed such a thing just as they allowed the killing of bears in hibernation.
14235 3.3 years ago Andrea Peterso Longmont, CO
14234 3.3 years ago Madeleine Gamache Shoreham, NY
14233 3.3 years ago Catherine Cassandro Glendale, CA I do not understand why they need to be killed. Save the mustangs! I also believe the wolves need our protection. Thank you.
14232 3.4 years ago Nadia Morse Walnut Creek, CA
14231 3.4 years ago Diana Gibbs Seattle, WA
14230 3.4 years ago Cacia Fulghum Lavonia, GA
14229 3.4 years ago Kristin Howard Aurora, CO
14228 3.4 years ago Stacey Garrett Hernando, MS
14227 3.4 years ago Dawn Shockency Coleraine, MN Please protect the wild horses and burros Stop all the cruel and inhumane treatment Let them roam free in their land stop the leasing for cattle and sheep The "fee" received is not worth the l...
14226 3.4 years ago Arlene Inoue Honolulu, HI Please protect God's creatures. They have a purpose and was protected. Treat them humanely and let them roam free in the lands set aside for them and other wildlife. Prohibit commercial use of publi...
14225 3.4 years ago May Spiridon St. Petersburg, FL
14224 3.5 years ago Gerald Brimhall Crown POint, IN Mr. President, Please protect our Wild Horses. They are a part of our heritage. Please don't slaughter them! Thank You. #KeepWildHorsesWildAndFree
14223 3.5 years ago Patricia Cimino Toms River, NJ
14222 3.5 years ago Lynn Huebner Schwenksville, PA America has 2 long-standing symbols of freedom: the American eagle and wild mustang. The Trump Administration promised to return government to the people, and the will of the people should govern ...
14221 3.5 years ago Susan Lewis Bancroft, MI Mr. President, Please protect our Wild Horses. They are a part of our heritage. Please don't slaughter them! Thank You. #KeepWildHorsesWildAndFree
14220 3.5 years ago Joanne Raby Horwich, ot
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