BLM Moves Against Wild Horses & Burros in Nevada's Blue Wing Complex

Photo of captured Nevada wild horses by BLM

Comment deadline: February 10, 2017

The Bureau of Land Management's Humboldt River Field Office is accepting public comments on a Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) to manage the federally protected horses and burros in the Blue Wing Complex in Nevada. The Complex, which includes the Kamma Mountains, Seven Troughs Range, the Lava Beds, Blue Wing Mountains, and Shawave HMAs, spans 2,283,300 acres (over 3,500 square miles!). Yet the BLM has set “Appropriate” Management Levels (AMLs) of just 333 to 553 wild horses and 55 to 90 wild burros for this entire area! At the upper population limit, that’s only one horse or burro per 3,551 acres!

The BLM wants to drive the wild horse and burro population down to low AML in 20 years by implementing an unprecedented plan to sterilize 30 percent of these herds using highly controversial procedures that are untested in wild free-roaming horse herds. The BLM’s plan does not disclose when and how many roundups will occur, how many wild horses and burros will be permanently removed, when and how many mares and jennies will be treated with fertility control or spayed, or when and how many stallions and jacks will be gelded.

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Now is the time take a stand against this BLM proposal that will expose wild horses and burros to this dangerous experiment that is thinly disguised as a management plan. Please personalize and submit the sample letter below to demand fair treatment of wild horses and burros in Nevada!

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If you would like to submit comments, you must get them in before 4:30 P.M. PST on February 10, 2017. Comments can be mailed to:

BLM Winnemucca District Office Attention: Samantha Gooch, Project Coordinator 5100 E. Winnemucca Blvd., Winnemucca, NV 89445 or faxed to (775) 623-1503 or emailed to:

Subject: Blue Wing Complex Gather

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