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Tell Trump Administration: Please Fix This!

America's wild horses and burros are protected by an Act of Congress as "living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West." But the federal government treats them like pests, hunting them down with helicopters and removing thousands each year from our public lands, wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in the process. 

Federal mismanagement is endangering the future of our nation's wild horse and burro herds on our Western public lands. Tens of thousands of these animals are in danger of being killed or sold for slaughter. 

President Donald Trump and his administration have the power to stop this cruel treatment and implement humane, effective as well as cost-effective, and scientifically recommended management methods.

Please tell President Trump: America can't be great if our national symbols of freedom are mistreated in this manner. Let him know that Americans want our wild horses and burros to be protected and humanely treated on the range, not rounded up and slaughtered. 

The future of our wild herds is at stake, so please sign and SHARE today... The more signatures we collect the bigger impact our collective voices will have!

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13491 36 minutes ago cynthia mcfarland Grant, MI please president trump i have full faith in you to change america ive already am amazed at what you are doing wont you PLERASE PLEASE take a look at the blm they are not for any animals interest and...
13490 1 hour ago Rod Repp B.P., CA If these are federally protected horses on federal land, then why is this taking place. It's called greed,to satisfy the cattle men.Please don't eat BEEF.
13489 2 hours ago Judith Woodbury Parrish, FL Please put a stop to the cruel horse and burro roundups.
13488 4 hours ago Denise Carillo Riverside, CA Please protect our wild horses and burros. Those roudups break my heart and injure so many innocent horses and burros.
13487 5 hours ago heshmat sajadi Barrie, ON
13486 5 hours ago Madeleine Ascott Carefree, AZ
13485 6 hours ago Nancy Kosa pompano beach, FL
13484 6 hours ago Nancy Denehie Cookeville, TN Dear President Trump,
I very much appreciate everything you are doing for our country, i have been praying for you 2.5 years. May God`s Peace, Protection and Wisdom be on you a hundred fold. Bl...
13483 7 hours ago Candlar Montanna San Antonio, TX
13482 7 hours ago Joy Keco Chagrin Falls, OH Dear Sir, Will you please help to find a better way to manage the wild horses of America? The roundups that are being done today are very unhumane. Many die from injurys. I realize we have a populat...
13481 7 hours ago Mari Dominguez Linden, CA
13480 8 hours ago Vilya Ageeva Moscow, ot
13479 8 hours ago Fernando Pueblo San Diego, CA
13478 8 hours ago Jose Avetikyan Moscow, ot
13477 8 hours ago Alisa Adobajor Moscow, ot
13476 9 hours ago Petra Jones Marrickville, NY
13475 9 hours ago Natalie Klotzer Espoo, ot
13474 9 hours ago anna luneau anna liège, ot
13473 9 hours ago Janice Griffin Windsor, CA This is deplorable
13472 10 hours ago Leslie Ann Morrison Miami, FL
13471 11 hours ago shirley mills sandwell, ot
13470 11 hours ago lisa steele roseville, CA
13469 11 hours ago claudia correia potimãp, ot
13468 11 hours ago Sophie GAGNARD NANTERRE, ot
13467 11 hours ago Stephen Mitchell Rock Hill, NY
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