Tell BLM Idaho NO to Sterilizing Saylor Creek Herd!

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For the first time ever, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing to convert a wild, free-roaming mustang population into a non-reproducing herd of sterilized horses. The BLM Idaho plan for the Saylor Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) would destroy the wild horses' wild, free-roaming behaviors and is a recipe for managing this beautiful wild horse herd to extinction. If implemented, it would set a dangerous precedent for destroying healthy, sustainable wild horse populations into sterilized groups of horses that will die off. AWHPC's formal protest of this destructive and devastating plan is pending, but we need the public to weigh in to help Keep the Saylor Creek Wild Horses Wild! So please sign the petition below. 

We must take action now to protect Idaho wild horses!

This petition has a goal of 20000 signatures
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14188 3.3 years ago Herbert Staniek Vienna, ot
14187 3.7 years ago Renee Holme Culver City, CA This needs to STOP!!
14186 3.9 years ago Melissa Warfield Farmington, MN Using PZP fertility drug on the wild Mustang mares, it will make them masculine. These mares will fight for herd dominance. Please do not use PZP or any other fertility drugs on the mares. Thank you.
14185 3.9 years ago Sharon Hunter Redmond, WA
14184 3.9 years ago Melissa Warfield Farmington, MN By sterilizing you will be taking away the wild equines instinct for breeding and that will disrupt the entire HA's (Herd Areas). Please do not sterilize. Thank you.
14183 3.9 years ago Tuck Contreras Morro bay, CA You will not do this sterilization project. Or you will do it over my dead body! You will leave our, the American people's wild horses alone.
14182 3.9 years ago Stacey Zimmerman Pbg, FL
14181 3.9 years ago Georgia Hamilton Strasburg , CO BLM do not do this. You need the herds for fire mitigation!
14180 3.9 years ago Sonja Gay Carry-le-Rouet , ot
14179 3.9 years ago Rayson Tupper Klamath Falls, OR
14178 3.9 years ago EDITH LOBROT sceaux, AK
14177 3.9 years ago Jeanne McKimpson Rochester, MN These horses are supposed to be protected under law! They belong to the American people!BLM consistently bows to the greed of wealthy ranchers, and has never protected the horses "entrusted" to them...
14176 4 years ago Martha Deason-Fahling Minneapolis, MN
14175 4 years ago Martha Deason-Fahling Minneapolis, MN
14174 4 years ago Connie Raper Durham, NC
14173 4 years ago Lynn Elliott Durham, NC
14172 4 years ago Zackery Moor Saylorsburg, PA
14171 4 years ago Erin Yarrobino Ozone Park, NY
14170 4 years ago Stephanie Johanna Goldbach Berlin, NY
14169 4.1 years ago Gail Smith Glasgow , ot BLM plans are not in accord with world animal care concerns - these American icons are world heritage creatures - American credibility and respect in going down in world estimation by your proposals...
14168 4.1 years ago Elma Tassi Athens, ot
14167 4.1 years ago Donna O'Berry Owings, MD
14166 4.2 years ago Linda Wheeldon Toronto, ON
14165 4.2 years ago Rebecca Falk garden plain, KS
14164 4.2 years ago John and Mrs. Gaynor Henry Grafton, ND
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The BLM's plan to convert the Saylor Creek wild horse population into a non-reproducing herd is contained within its revision to the Jarbridge Resource Management Plan, which was released in its final form last summer. In September 2014, AWHPC submitted a formal protest of the plan, and that protest is still pending. 

For more information, please see:

Jarbridge Resource Management Plan Documents

AWHPC protest of the Jarbridge RMP. 


The Saylor Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) is located in the northern portion of the planning area, approximately 15 miles south of Glenns Ferry. Landownership consists of approximately 95,000 acres of BLM-managed lands (102,000 including all ownership types). The HMA contains portions of eight livestock grazing allotments, which are divided into 10 pastures.)

The BLM sets the Appropriate Management Level (AML) between 40-50 horses. 2015 population estimates state that there are approximately 54 wild horses living within the Saylor Creek HMA.