Oppose the Roundup of Oregon's Cold Springs Mustangs!

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Public Comment Deadline: May 29, 2015

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking public comments on a plan to round up 90 percent of the wild horses living in the Cold Springs Herd Management Area (HMA), which is located in rural eastern Oregon. The agency intends to permanently remove up to 181 of these mustangs in order to bring the population down to the low allowable management level (AML) of just 75 horses. Approximately 33 of the horses that will be returned to the range will be mares treated with the PZP birth control vaccine. 

Just five years ago, 100 wild horses were cruelly rounded up and removed from this HMA. While the BLM's plan to manage this herd with fertility control should be supported, we must also demand that the BLM eliminate or minimize the numbers of horses removed from the range. The BLM can easily do this by reducing taxpayer-subsidized livestock grazing in this HMA. It's time for the BLM to keep the Cold Springs wild horses wild and break the unsustainable cycle of rounding them up, removing them from the range and stockpiling them in holding facilities.

Please take a moment to demand fair and humane treatment for the Cold Springs wild horses by personalizing and sending the sample letter below to the BLM!


If you prefer, you can submit your comments no later than May 29, 2015 via email, or U.S. postal mail to:

Pat Ryan
BLM Vale District Office
100 Oregon St. Vale, OR 97918

email: blm_or_vale_whb@blm.gov

Background Information

2015 Scoping Notice

2010 Cold Springs Roundup Plan EA

The Cold Springs HMA is approximately 29,883 acres, and has an "Appropriate" Management Level (AML) of 75-100.


North Star Mountain Allotment: The BLM permits 9,030 AUMS (or the equivalent of 752.5 cow/calf pairs) to graze within of this allotment. Approximately 30% of this massive allotment is within the Cold Creek HMA, which means that approximately 2,700 livestock AUMS are permitted in wild horse habitat versus just 1,800 AUMS for the Cold Springs wild horses.