Photo by Jeanne Bencich Nations

Please sign this petition to urge the members of the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM's) Northeastern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council (RAC) to support a humane pilot birth control program for wild horses living in the Antelope Herd Management Area (HMA) in Nevada.  The RAC will meet on October 16, 2014 to consider this proposal, which was submitted by RAC member Jeanne Bencich Nations. Jeanne is a photographer who has for years chronicled the wild horse herds that live near her ranch in the Antelope HMA. Now she is taking pro-active action to protect them!

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Number Date Name Location Why do you support Keeping ...
21581 3.2 years ago Herbert Staniek Vienna, ot
21580 3.4 years ago Leonard Neidhardt bel air, MD Part of our great history and the love of horse's.
21579 3.6 years ago Ramona Benton Collins , OH It's time for our government to protect our American Wild Horses and Burros. Remove the private cattle and sheep off our public lands.
21578 3.6 years ago Lisa Sclafani St. James, NY They should be able to run free. They are THE symbol of America and American Heritage.
21577 3.6 years ago K St Copperhill, TN Wild horses should be left alone and to run free as they always have. They should never be slaughtered. They roam on tax payer lands and are an American symbol and Icon..Respect all life both anima...
21576 3.6 years ago Kaye Kalman Brooklyn, NY Respect all living beings!
21575 3.6 years ago Denise Rick San Francisco, CA I love horses and wild animals and do not believe they should be slaughtered without good reason or against their will, especially if there are more humane alternatives.
21574 3.6 years ago Teresa Barrett Medford, MA How can I not? I'm sickened that this is even necessary. Breaks my heart.
21573 3.6 years ago Kimberly Getchell Stoughton , MA The Wild Horses are an American Symbol just like the Buffalo, the Eagle,and the Wolf. They have just as much right to live and roam free. Most of the land they are on is Taxpayer funded land. The BL...
21572 3.6 years ago Mary Medrano Needles, CA
21571 3.7 years ago Crystal Hunt Lillington, NC It is humane. It the right thing to do. It is ethical. Doing anything else would be horrific.
21570 3.7 years ago Jason Dubois Key West, FL American heritage preserved for our children the future belongs to the young save it
21569 3.9 years ago Lisa Haney Carson City , NV
21568 4 years ago Lindsay Gunn El Cajon, CA That is their land, they should be free. Humans need to learn to help these animals be healthy, and share the land.
21567 4 years ago Laura Matherne Everett, WA I love horses and believe they should be wild and free.
21566 4.2 years ago Christine Cerqueda Paranaque, ot
21565 4.3 years ago Elma Tassi Athens, ot
21564 4.3 years ago Chelsea McDonald Bolivar, MO Bc i love horses and they deserve to have the wild and to live in there inviormint and guess what we have enough horses already y take them from there natural habitat and bring them to a place were ...
21563 4.4 years ago Susan Klink Lemont Furnace, PA
21562 4.4 years ago Kathy Simonik Jessup, PA Wild horses are gorgeous animals. They have been around a long time. We cannot keep ridding the world of its heritage.
21561 4.4 years ago Pablo Gutierrez Dallas, TX We should try to preserve the little bit of nature and wild that has not yet been corrupted by humanity. We are not alone in this world and so lets appreciate and respect all creation.
21560 4.4 years ago Debra Smessaert Prophetstown, IL Horses are beautiful and deserve to run free. All animals have rights and feelings and need to be protected and respected. We must #BETHEVOICEFORALLANIMALS #RAINBOWWARRIORS Thank you, Since...
21559 4.5 years ago Erika Barbolini ot
21558 4.5 years ago Christopher Lanski Reno, NV
21557 5.3 years ago andre paradis reno, NV They have been around many years, they add natural beauty to the area.
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