Tell Utah's Governor: Don't Mess With Wild Horses

If Governor Gary Herbert has his way, the state of Utah would have the authority to clear public lands of wild horses "to keep ranges open for cattle grazing."

That's right. Even though wild horses are protected under federal law, Governor Herbert says Utah "should take over the horse management” on federal lands within the state.

Such a move would set a dangerous precedent by giving ranchers and their allies in state governments the power to wipe out wild horses for good to make even more room for livestock grazing.

Governor Herbert is one such ally of ranchers and it's not surprising to see him using their talking points to scapegoat wild horses for the damage to our public rangelands caused by livestock. This is a particularly egregious claim to make in Utah, where fewer than 3,500 wild horses remain while hundreds of thousands of commercial livestock graze on public land.

We've already sent the Governor a letter to set the record straight. Will you follow it up with a fax to request he back off his position and respect federal law?

This action is no longer active.

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