Tell Your Rep: Strike King Amendment From U.S. Farm Bill

An ominous future lies ahead for animals of all kinds if we don't speak out against an amendment that puts many of the hard fought protections our movement has secured into jeopardy. Worst yet, this amendment is just one step away from becoming law!

Put forward by Rep. Steve King (R-IA), the King Amendment to the U.S. Farm Bill, if signed into law, would prevent states from enforcing their own laws regarding animal protection -- including those to prevent horse abuse and ban horse slaughter. There are two versions of this bill on the table: the House and Senate versions, both of which have passed their respective bodies. The King Amendment is in the House version of the bill only, so we still have a chance to strike it down when the House and Senate meet to reconcile the different versions.

Fortunately, one of your members of Congress is on the conference committee that will decide the final version of the bill. Will you contact them right now to ask that they vote to remove the King Amendment? It takes just a few minutes and could make the crucial difference in deciding how this plays out.

What You Can Do:

1. Call your Representative and/or Senator on the conference committee. Your legislators' telephone numbers will appear under their pictures below. It's simple and only takes a minute. All you have to say is this: 

"Hello, I am a constituent of Sen./Representative ___, and I am calling to ask that he/she vote to strike the King Amendment from the final version of the U.S. Farm Bill. This amendment is an assault on state's rights, because it will prevent them from enforcing laws they have passed to address animal cruelty. Thank you.

2. Follow up your telephone call by personalizing and sending the sample email below. Please note that you may be asked to choose a subject or topic area: choose or fill in "Agriculture."

This action is no longer active.

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