Ask Sally Jewell: When will NAS reforms be implemented?

To mark National Public Lands Day, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will take part in an online chat this Wednesday at 1pm ET. This is an opportunity for us to once again put the wild horse issue on the Secretary's radar and ask her to explain her plans to reforms the Bureau of Land Management's roundup program in the wake of the scathing National Academy of Sciences report. 

All questions must be funneled through an email address, likely for vetting. This doesn't bode well for us actually getting an answer, but please use the form below to submit your questions so that we can keep tabs on how many our movement has submitted. But after you send your question using our form, we encourage you to share it as a comment on the Interior Department's Facebook post. We've embedded that post on the following page to make it easy for you.

We've crafted a question but we encourage you to ask your own.


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