Tell Your Rep: Sign the Letter to Sally Jewell

We're closing the letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Friday. We've secured more than 25,000 signatures from the public, scores of celebrities and even some members of Congress. We're on the verge of completing an unprecedented show of strength for our movement, but your reprentative hasn't signed yet. 

Can we count on you to contact them right now and ask them to sign? It takes just a moment and we know hearing directly from constituents makes all the difference.

We wouldn't ask if we didn't think it was important. The reality is that Congress holds the purse strings, so when someone in Secretary Jewell's posiiton gets a letter signed by members of Congress, she has to pay close attention. That's why we're trying to get as many represenatives to add their names as possible. 

Encourage your represenative to add their name right now.