Tell Congress to Ban Horse Slaughter Once and for All!

Please Support the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (S. 541/H.R. 1094)

On January 17, 2014, President Barak Obama signed the 2014 Omnibus spending bil, which reinstated the ban on horse slaughter in the U.S.  The new law shuts down all plans to operate horse slaughter plants in the U.S. through the end of Fiscal Year 2014 (September 30). 

However, the transport of horses across the border to slaughter plants in  Canada and Mexico remains legal. And since the funding ban only lasts until September 30, you can bet  that horse slaughter proponents will gear up to lift the ban in Fiscal Year 2015 spending bills. 

A particular target is the 50,000 wild horses stockpiled in government holding facilites, such as the horses pictured above at the BLM's Broken Arrow holding facility in Nevada.  Until we ban horse slaughter permanently, the tens of thousands of wild horses who have been cruelly captured from their homes on the range and are being warehoused by the government will remain in jeopardy. 

That's why we must redouble our efforts to pass the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act  (S. 541 and H.R. 1094to ban permanently horse slaughter in the U.S. and to prohibit the transport of America's horses across the border to slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico. 


Your action could mean the difference between life and horrible death for more than 150,000 U.S. horses -- both wild and domestic -- each year. So please take these two easy steps today:

1. Call your Senators and Representative and ask them to co-sponsor this critically important bill. Your legislators' telephone numbers will appear under their pictures below. It's simple and only takes a minute. All you have to say is this: 

"Hello, I am a constituent of Sen./Representative ___, and I am calling to ask that he/she co-sponsor the Safeguard American Food Exports Act, S541/HR 1094. Horse slaughter is a cruel and unacceptable practice opposed by the vast majority of Americans. Since horses are not raised for food in the U.S. and are commonly given a variety of drugs, the product produced is unsafe for human consumption."  If your Senator or Representative is already a sponsor of the bill, please thank him/her very much. 

2. Follow up your telephone call by personalizing and sending the sample email below.  Please note that you may be asked to choose a subject or topic area: choose or fill in "Agriculture."  

Thank you very much for your support. And thanks to our coalition partners, the ASPCA, the Humane Society of the U.S., and the Animal Welfare Institute for their hard work on Capitol Hill to pass this bill. 

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here

 Background Information (Courtesy of the ASPCA)

The cruelties associated with horse slaughter are well documented. Passage of the SAFE Act will not only ensure that predatory horse slaughterers cannot reopen their doors here in the U.S.—it will also stop the trafficking of horses to slaughterhouses over our borders.

As you know, horse slaughter isn’t a humane end for horses. There is no such thing as a commercial horse slaughter plant that does not inflict cruelty on horses. And horse slaughter is not only bad for horses, it’s also bad for people. Meat from American horses is unsafe for human consumption. Our horses are not raised as food animals; they are raised to be companions, sport competitors or work partners. Horses are routinely given medications and other substances that are toxic to humans and are expressly forbidden by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in animals intended for human consumption.

Enacting a permanent ban on horse slaughter has never been more urgent! Slaughter plants in Missouri and New Mexico are ready to open, and the ban on funding for federal horsemeat inspections only lasts until September 30, 2014. Help us permanently stop any slaughterhouses from butchering even a single American horse!

The majority of Americans oppose horse slaughter. Americans don't eat horses and we don't want our tax dollars spent to subsidize this cruel industry that subjects American horses to terror, trauma and a horrific death in order to supply foreign markets for horse meat. Please act today!